The Pollen shop


The Pollen Shop is a place you go to when you want to find inspiration. We work in the space between people, public policy and technology.

Our role is to find out (and fix) why some people aren’t accessing a service or using a product. Technology is often both the problem and the solution.

Most of our work is triggered when there is a clear imperative for a person to access a service our use a product. Often this is because that service or product is vitally important for their wellbeing, or necessary to protect their rights. Key sectors we work in are social care, health care and financial services.

We have a track record in assisting organisations meet their legislative responsibilities and exceed internationally recognised standards. For this reason we have been used by a range of government departments and companies to help with procurement processes.

The Pollen Shop provides operational and strategic support.

We audit, we evaluate and we fix.

We train, we coach and we advise.


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