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The Pollen Shop believes that developers and new media project managers should receive appropriate training to enable them create accessible websites. This training should include technical issues and an understanding of how different groups of disabled people interact with the web.

Web accessibility training includes:

The training needs to be split because they cover two separate and distinct areas of knowledge. DET sets the context for why creating accessible websites is important and gives a basic understanding of the access barriers that different groups of disabled people encounter on the web.

We currently do not believe there is adequate provision for web accessibility training of this nature. We are working closely with strategic partners to develop a more structured approach.

The Pollen Shop believes that WCAG compliance training provision should be publicly funded within the UK sector. Getting access right on the web is something that is achievable we just need to work together to achieve it.

Disability Equality Training

The Pollen Shop believes that Disability Equality Training is best provided by organisations "of" disabled people through disabled trainers. We currently recommend Greater London Action on Disabled People Disability Equality Training. we are working with GLAD to develop a more complete, developer specific, disability equality training.

WCAG Compliance Training

The Pollen Shop provides basic bespoke seminar training on all aspects of WCAG compliance. From a basic understanding of web accessibility through to designing e-commerce sites up to a WCAG "triple-A" we are able to create training packages to help developers.

We are currently working with the MITA project to develop a structured academic WCAG training program.