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Beyond WCAG Standards Compliance

Compliance with WCAG 1.0 is only the start of making a website accessible. If a web site achieves WCAG 1.0 standard “Triple-A” then it will not have any measurable barriers inherent within its construction that will prevent a disabled person from using it. This is however slightly different than saying it is accessible to all disabled people. This is because WCAG 1.0 necessarily covers the technical aspects of constructing a web site. It creates the accessible framework through which the site is developed. WCAG can not cover subjective issues such as graphic design, process management, content, help structures, language or to a degree layout.

WCAG is a great starting point

Photo of building plansThe Pollen Shop are strong believers in universally developing sites to conform with W3C standards. It is the only way that we will achieve a fully inclusive internet. Achieving WCAG 1.0 standard "Triple-A" is not an end point.

A good way to explain this is to use the analogy of building regulations. It is possible for an architect to construct an office that meets with all the building regulations that relate to disability but for the end result to still be an inaccessible environment. This could happen for example if the office is laid out in such a way that two departments that work closely with each other are on located at opposite ends of the building or if signs are complicated and difficult for visitors to understand. It’s the same for websites.

End user testing

The best way to check if a website is fully accessible is to thoroughly test it.

We recommend that this is done in two ways:

There are a number of different ways to do this depending on the scale and complexity of the site. The Pollen Shop has considerable experience in managing end user testing through survey, interview and focus groups. Much of our end user testing is done through our strategic alliances.