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WCAG consulting

Our WCAG consulting services are designed to support developers with some knowledge of accessible web design.

They are structured to

Working within your team

Getting access right on simple information websites is relatively straightforward. It can be more complicated in other environments such as e-commerce portals, large sites using content management systems or where security is critical.

Even experienced developers may need help or reassurance to develop these types of sites within the WCAG structures. We have the experience and know how to help.

Cost effective

Using our skills, knowledge and experience will save your organisation money. We know the quickest way to get from an inaccessible site to an accessible one. By using The Pollen Shop you will be utilising a development team that has worked on major and sophisticated processes.

If you are starting to think about creating a new website, upgrading an existing one or simply concerned that your current site may leave you vulnerable to a legal challenge under the Disability Discrimination Act then we are able to help. We can help you define the best way your organisation can approach web accessibility.

Experienced consultants

The WCAG consulting team has experience of working within a range of business environments, from large businesses such as Barclay's Capital investment bank through national charities like Scope, to government departments like the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. We have a number of public, private and voluntary sector clients.