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Communication Management

Supporting organisations, building and maintaining effective relationships with the people that matter.

The Pollen Shop provides a range of useful communication management services. We have particular experience in reaching groups of people that may have been excluded from traditional communication structures.

Central to much of our work is the appropriate use of accessible, affordable and inclusive technology. We have expertise in how best to select the right mix of communication platforms, processes and software.

We work across a number of disciplines:

Our expertise is in:

Organisations come to us when they want support to run a whole project or when they need help with a specific component or if they just cannot reach a group of people. The Pollen Shop provides them with the nuts and bolts. The tools they need.

Our role is often to simply facilitate the development best practice within an organisation. We work out how to reach a target audience and then support organisations to put in place the processes through which this can happen.

All our solutions are designed to be fully accessible and inclusive. Much of our work, techniques and processes are available through our open source policy.