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Campaign Services

The Pollen Shop has considerable experience in helping organisations run successful campaigns. This work is now being taken forward by Pollination Campaigns.

Campaigning works when there is an effective collaboration between individuals and organisations. It’s a partnership where both sides need to know what is going on so they can work together to achieve a common goal. The key to this unsurprisingly is great communication.

We understand the most effective ways for an organisation to find campaigners and engage with them in a way that reflects the needs of the campaigner. We live in a world where people can inject different levels of support. Some people might only be able to spend a few seconds forwarding an e-mail, others will be able to contribute more time. Everyone needs to be appropriately engaged, informed and enthused.

Working out how to do this can be tricky. This is where Pollination Campaigns comes in. They have the experience, skills and tools to help.