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Project Management

The Pollen Shop has considerable project management experience running communication strategies, structures or programs.

There are three models we use to help us achieve our clients objectives. These define the type of service that we will provide

Independent model - outcome only

We use this model when the client simply wants something to happen. This could be a new website launched, a report written or training package to be created. Usually it needs to have been completed as soon as practically possible, with the least fuss and within a tight budget. The Pollen Shop takes the pressure off and simply gets the job done.

Leadership model - creating partnerships

Some projects require the involvement of a number of people working for different organisations. This can lead to a clash of working processes and procedures. A recent example of this was when The Pollen Shop supported the development of an accessible health information program. Our role was to bring together a graphic design company and health professionals. We provided the technical solutions but also the structure which would get the best out of everyone.

Consultant model – bridging a skills gap

We provide consultants to work within organisations as project managers. This service is useful where a new communication method is being developed and there are not the skills or confidence in-house to deliver it. The Pollen Shop has a network of consultants who are experienced working within our structures and using our processes.