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Relationship Management

The Pollen Shop provides the structures through which our clients can reach out to politicians, civil servants and the media. The Pollen Shop does this through constructively engaging in campaigns, ideas, research or policy.

Obviously not everyone agrees with what we or our clients have to say. Sometimes we have to fight hard to get heard and at other times we have to compete with opposing points of view.

Our experience is however that the vast majority of politicians are more than happy to engage constructively with the organisations we represent. Journalists listen to what they have to say and report upon the issues fairly. Civil servants often develop policy and practice having taking into account our representations. They just need to be approached in the right way.

Our relationship management services rely on

We can help devise, define and implement relationship management strategy, tactics and tools. The Pollen Shop has considerable experience across the board. From writing briefing papers to managing party conference presentations we can help. Further information can be founding our case studies section.

Where possible we provide information on our relationship management processes through our open source policy. This makes available to organisations with restricted funds our techniques and experiences. We try to put as much information as we can on this website. Where we can, we will try to assist with any reasonable requests for help or information.

We offer our relationship management services to existing clients or in areas where we have an established track record. We do not offer general “lobbying” services. There are a number of Public Affairs companies and contractors that we can recommend. Please contact us for further details.