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Research Services

The Pollen Shop provides research services for public and voluntary sector organisations. We create data and opinion gathering processes on behalf of research or public policy departments within organisations.

We focus on finding the opinions, ideas and commentary on communication processes, procedures, services or their outcomes.

The Pollen Shop has particular experience in reaching groups of people who have been excluded from traditional research. We have considerable experience working with researchers or public policy experts in creating inclusive research frameworks.


The Pollen Shop qualitative research processes are designed to provide real answers not just any answers.

We use a wide range of traditional and contemporary methodologies to conduct research.

What sets us apart is that we understand that some people won’t give their opinion unless they are approached in a way that they can relate to. For example, traditional focus groups can be intimidating. To counteract this we create situations in environments where people are happy to be honest and open.

Types of qualitative research processes we have recently employed:


Our Quantitative research solutions are designed to deliver understandable, objective results. The Pollen Shop offer methodologies such as one to one interview, telephone and on-line surveys. We also use technology such as SMS and Interactive Digital TV to gather data. Again these can be more relevant ways of gathering useful data from people who are not always included in research gathering exercises.

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Our quantitative research programs are supported by communication techniques and processes that reach into communities to make sure the results gathered are truly representative.