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E-voting pilots report published


The Electoral Commission have published their reports for the 2006 electoral pilots. The access evaluation for the pilots was undertaken through a partnership between Scope and The Pollen Shop.

The pilots were held at the May 2006 local elections when 15 pilot schemes took place in 21 local authority areas across England.

Local authorities used innovations such as postal vote signature checking, voters providing signatures in polling stations, early voting, mobile voting in residential care settings and a terminal designed to allow some disabled voters to vote independently.

Scope and The Pollen Shop examined these innovations to identify how accessible they were for disabled people, people with low literacy and people who do not speak English as a second language. Our analysis covered both the technical and non-technical aspects of the voting pilots.

Andrew Crooks, Scope, said.

"The Pollen Shop and Scope really appreciate the time and effort disabled people and election officials puts into this research. It takes a big effort from everyone to ensure a research program of this size and complexity works efficiently. Often we don’t have a chance to thank everyone personally so we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone publicly.