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2007 Assembly Election Package


Politics in Wales in changing + photo of Millenium centre in Cardiff bayPositif Politics have launched a new on-line information service for next year’s National Assembly elections using The Pollen Shop technology.

'Election 2007' is a subscription website is designed to help organisations understand what the 2007 Assembly Election will mean for them. It contains information on the candidates, constituencies and the party manifestos. Crucially it also provides user friendly comment on the big issues as they develop.

The website can be found at:

The website is aimed at any organisation that is effected by the work of the National Assembly for Wales. It has been designed to appeal to organisations working in the business, voluntary and public sectors. It is structured to allow both political anoraks and casual observers to draw out data and get a clear and authoritative picture of the big issues for the next Assembly election.

Daran Hill said, Positif Politics said

"We want to deliver something that both the public affairs expert and someone with little knowledge of the Assembly will want to use. Our ambition is to get lots of different types of organisations involved in setting the agenda for these important elections.

"Positif Politics is all about demystifying politics and get people to start thinking about the real benefits devolution can deliver for their organisations.

"Election 2007 has also been priced to encourage a range of organisations to take part. This is very much a product that we hope will generate its own momentum and the initial feedback has been very positive."

Election 2007 has already generated considerable interest. The British Medical Association Cymru Wales, Federation of Small Businesses in Wales, Royal Mail Group, Cancer Research UK and the Citizen Advice Bureau have already signed up and provided public testimonials on the site to the value of the service.

John Jenkins British Medical Association Cymru Wales has said:

"This service is extremely valuable to a public affairs practitioner who needs to be up to date on all election matters. For those of us who work in relative isolation, it's a one stop shop of knowledge coupled with valuable and valued opinion from well respected colleagues with experience, and a proven track record."

Philippa Ford, Policy Officer for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in Wales, said:

"I am always impressed with Daran's approach. I have worked with him at election time and during party conferences and have been impressed with the quality of events and products he has delivered. His election coverage in particular was very innovative and refreshing."