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The Pollen Shop sign partnership agreement with Positif Politics


The Pollen Shop has penned an agreement with Positif Politics to develop new and exciting public affairs services in Wales.

Primarily focused the National Assembly for Wales, the aim of the alliance is to look at creating new ways of bring together politicians and people.

The Pollen Shop will use its experience in delivering campaigning technologies across the United Kingdom to give Positif Politics the muscle to change the way organisations working in Wales interact with politicians.

Daran Hill, Positif Politics said;

”I am really excited about this tie up. We are going to explore how we can blend The Pollen Shops technical and campaigning experience with our ideas about how to make Welsh politics more relevant.

"Positif Politics is a new company staffed by experienced public affairs professionals that has already established itself as the innovative public affairs agency working in Cardiff. Positif is the Welsh for Positive. This reflects the outlook of the company and how it does business."

Liz Daone Pollination Campaigns said;

"Now is a great time for campaigning organisations to work in Wales. We will be supporting our partner company The Pollen Shop and Positif Politics develop their ideas. This alliance has the potential to be a great test bed for campaign ideas that can be 'exported' to Westminster or even further a field."