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Accessibility statement

The Pollen Shop is committed to accessibility.

This website is conforms to Level Triple-A accessibility ( what is Triple-A accessibility? ). Note that we use the expression 'Triple-A' not 'AAA' which is popular on many websites. This is because anyone using a screen reader will hear the expression "Triple-A" and not "aaahhhh" as the screen reader tries to vocalise 3 capital letter A's.

Using this site

Sighted users viewing this site with most modern browsers will see the navigation for the main areas of the website on the left of the screen and the content displayed in the centre. On the right is the sub-navigation menu relevant to the area you are currently in.

Users of screen readers and text only browsers will have the site rendered, top to bottom, in the following order. As will those with the 'Basic' style option selected or those with style sheets switched off.

You can skip between the content and navigation using the following Access Keys.

Access keys

Access Keys are keyboard shortcuts that go straight to a particular area of the website.

The following access keys are used on this site

Content = 8

Main Navigation = 9

Sub-navigation = 0

Access Keys work slightly differently on Macs and PCs.

PC - Hold the alt key and the appropriate Access Key at the same time, then press Return.
Mac - Hold the ctrl key and the appropriate Access Key at the same time.

Increasing the size of the text

The text on this website is scaleable. You can increase and decrease the size using options in your browser.

For Internet Explorer select 'View' followed by 'Text Size'

For Netscape select 'View' followed by 'Text Zoom'

For Opera select 'View' followed by 'Zoom'

Alternative styles

We have provided some alternative style sheets that change the appearance of this website. They are included as an example of what can be achieved with Standards Compliance and to assist users in viewing the site. The style changer is found at the bottom of the content section of each page. It requires that cookies are enabled and will display the website in the last style chosen.

The 'Basic' style is useful for those viewing the site with the Text Size increased to a very high level on smaller screen resolutions. The site is created to be flexible and work at any resolution from 640 x 400 upwards (and below with the basic style selected). However at the smallest screen sizes we recommend using the 'Basic' style if you need to increase the text size.

Older Browsers

If you are using older Browsers - version 4 and below then you will only be able to view the most basic layout of this website. You will receive the same content as everyone else but not the presentation. We are not doing this to penalise you, it's simply that the older browsers do not support Standards Compliance and would make a complete hash of rendering this site. To improve your internet experience we recommend upgrading to a modern browser which does support standards. This is free and it won't just improve the way you see this site, more and more sites are becoming standards compliant so it will help your internet experience to see them in a modern browser.

For a list of browsers that support standards and more information please take a look at The Web Standards Project upgrade page. A very cool and enlightened group of people who we fully support.