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Who We Are

photo of hand poised above computerThe Pollen Shop is a small specialist communications consultancy. We have created an environment where the best ideas and practice from the voluntary, public and private sectors are brought together.

The Pollen Shop core services are grouped into the following areas

A unique organisation

Our history, our vision and even our name set us apart. We do things differently because we can provide a better more effective service. The Pollen Shop structures have been developed to be as flexible and responsive as possible. By moulding our organisation's strengths around our clients needs we are able to target our resources as efficiently as possible.

From ideas to implementation

Our blend of ideas, experience and best practice, combined with rigorous application, can help transform a communication project. We understand there is increasing pressure on organisations to deliver quantifiable results. Reaching more people while simultaneously reducing overall costs can be difficult.We are outcome focused. Our solutions are designed to provide tangible results. We want our clients to reach the people they are targeting and we want to be able to prove that they have. We can help. Obviously don't take our word for it, have a look at the people we work with and people we work for.

Inclusive Communication

One of the reasons why we are different from other communication consultancies is that we place so much emphasis on inclusive communications. This simply means making sure that everyone’s needs are recognised when planning, implementing, optimising and evaluating communication strategies. This sounds like common sense but some organisations can find it difficult to achieve. Our approach is to build partnerships, develop links and spread best practice. We can help put in place the framework through which, together with our clients, we can develop inclusive communication strategies. We have particular experience of working with and for disabled people and disability groups.

Inclusive Technology

At the heart of our work is a belief that technology can improve the way people and organisations relate to each other. Some people have however been excluded or marginalised from the full potential of this technology. Websites that cannot be read by visually impaired people who use screen readers is one example. Not creating support material for telephone banking in simple understandable language is another. The result is however the same . Organisations have not been not reaching the people they should be. This is not only inefficient it can also have legal, financial and social consequences.

The Pollen Shop has brought together a range of services that are help organisations develop accessible Information Communication Technology that is inclusive. We do this through innovation, developing best practice, standards compliance and creating partnerships with disability organisations.

Get in touch

You can find out more about our work through this website, or by emailing or by calling 01792 360437.